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Here we historically provided links to research resources beyond our lab. Many have become invalid over the years; broken links are periodically fixed or deleted, but no wholesale update is anticipated. We are open to suggestions for additional links.

On the UW-Madison campus
E. coli related resources
Other Enterobacterial genome projects

On the UW-Madison campus

E. coli related resources

General E. coli information

Pathogenic E. coli

Databases and data collections (mostly E. coli K-12)

  • CGSC the Coli Genetic Stock Center at Yale University
  • E. coli Strain NBRP Japanese National BioResource Project for strains, clones, cloning vectors and more
  • EcoCyc the bioinformatics database describing the genome and biochemical machinery of E. coli K-12
  • CyberCell database (CCDB) quantitative genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data on E. coli
  • PortEco data resource for the bacterial model organism, Escherichia coli (formerly EcoliHub)
  • EchoBASE an integrated post-genomic database for E. coli
  • coliBASE a genome resource for the E. coli research community
  • RegulonDB E. coli K-12 transcriptional regulatory network
  • transportDB predicted cytoplasmic membrane transport proteins
  • E. coli Gene Expression Database (GenExpDB) at Oklahoma State University
  • -- A database of E. coli protein-protein interactions
  • PEC profiling of the E. coli chromosome
  • ECMDB the Escherichia coli Metabolome Database: the genome and metabolome of E. coli K-12
  • EcoProDB the E. coli protein database, integrating 2-D gel data with other resources
  • E. coli | Zhang Lab Genome-wide protein structure & function modeling
  • ECCE the E. coli cell envelope protein data collection
  • ECODAB Escherichia coli O-antigen Database
  • LTEE the E. coli Long-Term Evolution Experiment
  • The E. coli Student Portal -- a microbiology education site for E. coli, developed at the University of California Los Angeles

The lighter side of E. coli


Other Enterobacterial genome projects (aka the Deluge)

Keeping track of the multitude of other genome projects has become a Sisyphean task; there are well over 1000 completed or ongoing sequencing projects for strains of E. coli alone. In addition to a few enterobacterial projects, here are links to major microbial sequencing centers, multi-organism databases, and related resources.


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