A History of the E. coli Genome Project at UW-Madison

<26 Years Ago!>

    On January 16, 1997, we deposited the complete 4,639,221 bp genome sequence of Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 in GenBank, and on September 5 of that year our paper describing the sequence was published in Science. As we celebrated the 25th anniversary of that achievement in 2022, we began putting together a history of the project. It may remain on this site, or become a separate site of its own.

    The sequencing project, under the direction of Frederick R. Blattner, was supported by NIH grants HG00301 and HG01428. We benefitted greatly from members of the international E. coli community sharing data and useful discussions, and appreciated the contributions of many collaborators. As an initial step we want to acknowledge our team -- not just the scientists and technicians, but all the University of Wisconsin undergraduates, summer interns, and cooperating graduate students from other departments. We therefor present this list of the folks in the Blattner lab without whom there would have been no sequence to deposit.

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