Frederick R. Blattner

Oliver Smithies Professor of Genetics, Emeritus
University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • B.Sc. (Physics), Oberlin College, 1962
  • Ph.D. (Biophysics), The Johns Hopkins University, 1968
  • Postdoctoral Research: Harvard Medical School
  • Postdoctoral Research: McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Wisconsin

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Frederick Blattner  
Scarab Genomics, LLC
1202 Ann Street
Madison, WI 53713


Research Description

Genomics, gene regulation, bacteria, bioinformatics, DNA chips, genome engineering

One of the early leaders of the genomics revolution, Fred Blattner was the first to propose sequencing the entire genome of an organism. After accomplishing that, sequencing the genome of Escherichia coli K-12, his lab turned to large scale functional genomics of E. coli through DNA chip analysis of global gene expression, and by phenotypic analysis of conditional knock-out mutations.

Interested in hypothesis-driven comparative and evolutionary genomics, the lab sequenced the genomes of several pathogens related to E. coli K-12. The first strain selected for comparison was the infamous O157:H7 “hamburger strain” of E. coli, followed by a uropathogenic strain of E. coli and a strain causing neonatal sepsis and meningitis. They also sequenced Yersinia pestis (plague), Shigella flexneri (dysentary), and Salmonella Typhi (typhoid fever). It turns out that many virulence determinants of the different pathogens are similar, allowing identification of a “pathosphere” of virulence genes that make up the pathogenic potential of these bacteria.

Other interests include bioinformatics, technology development, and genetic engineering/re-engineering of bacterial genomes. Dr. Blattner retired from the university in July, 2011, but remains active at the helm of two companies he founded. DNASTAR, Inc., established in 1984, develops bioinformatics software for scientists to analyze DNA sequences, gene expression, protein structure, and more. Scarab Genomics, LLC was established in 2002 to commercialize the reduced genome technology arising from research in his campus lab. A third company, NimbleGen Systems, was created in 1999 based on the work of Blattner, UW scientists Franco Cerrina and Michael Sussman, and then-graduate student Roland Green. The company developed a faster, less-expensive way to make gene chips and was sold to Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche in 2007.

Representative Publications

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