Eleventh Annual Oliver Smithies Symposium

Oliver Smithies

The Eleventh Annual Oliver Smithies Symposium will be held on Tuesday,
May 22, 2018 in the Ebling Auditorium, Microbial Sciences Building Auditorium 1111, Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building, 425 Henry Mall, on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. Welcoming remarks at 1:15 pm

This year, the theme of the Symposium is Higher Order Neuronal Function and Dysfunction. Our speakers are:

  • 1:30 pm   Amita Sehgal, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Biology of Bedtime: Understanding Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
  • 2:30 pm   Susumu Tonegawa, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Neuroscience of Episodic Memory
  • 3:45 pm   Karen Hsiao Ashe, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota
    Forgetful Mice: What have they taught us about Alzheimer's disease?

Please join us for an exciting program.

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