Journal of Bacteriology, October 2003, 185(19):5673-84

Experimental Determination and System-Level Analysis of Essential Genes in E. coli MG1655

S.Y. Gerdes1,*, M.D. Scholle1,*, J.W. Campbell1, G. Balazsi2, E. Ravasz3, M.D. Daugherty1, A.L. Somera2, N.C. Kyrpides1, I. Anderson1, M.S. Gelfand1, A. Bhattacharya1, V. Kapatral1, M. D'Souza1, M.V. Baev1, F. Mseeh1, M.Y. Fonstein1, R. Overbeek1, A.-L. Barabasi3, Z.N. Oltvai2 and A.L.Osterman1

1 Integrated Genomics, Inc., Chicago, IL 60612
2 Department of Pathology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 60611
3 Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556
* Both authors made equal contributions to this publication

I. Supplementary Table S1 (Excel format, PDF, TXT format).
II. Supplementary Table S2 (PDF, TXT format).
III. Results: additional illustrations and analysis (PDF).
IV. Supplementary Table S6 (PDF, TXT format).
V. Experimental and Analytical Procedures:
1. Genetic footprinting procedure (PDF).
2. Assessment of conditional gene essentiality based on genetic footprinting data (PDF).