UW E. coli Genome Project Overview
   We sequenced the E. coli K-12 genome, and continue to maintain and update its annotation. We created knockouts of many genes, archive clones of many ORFs, and an extensive gene expression data set under a variety of physiological conditions. These data sets are made available freely to the community.
   We also sequenced six additional enterobacterial strains which are pathogens related to E. coli K-12, and many plasmids. The comparative genomics aim of this effort is to characterize the gene pool of horizontally transferred elements and virulence determinants known as the pathosphere.
   The ASAP database, developed in collaboration with Nicole Perna, is a platform for community sharing of annotation information and data which is made available for downloading by the community.

<Celebrating 25 Years!>

March 7, 2022 Annotation updates to E. coli K-12 MG1655 genome

Supplemental Material and Data

June 9-13, 2022 ASM Microbe 2022 Washington, DC

August 1-5, 2022 2022 Molecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages Meeting Madison, WI

In Memoriam

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