Notice regarding blast service:

We recently discovered that our blast service is no longer working, having been lost when our web server was migrated after an equipment failure. While the web pages themselves were restored from backups, the code for some options (including strain request forms and the blast service) no longer exists. Given that all of our Genome Projects except E. coli K1 (NMEC) strain RS218 are readily available through our ongoing annotation maintenance and update efforts in the ASAP database, as well as via NCBI, we are retiring the blast service.

Please note that ASAP does include the capabilty to blast, against a larger collection of enterobacterial genomes, and does not require any registration -- simply go to ASAP and click on [Enter ASAP] to enter as "guest."

Because access to the sequence of E. coli RS218 was abused in the past, in direct violation of our then-posted Data Use Policy, we will deal with requests for access to that data on an ad hoc basis as we work towards completing the genome. We will run individual blast searches off-line if they are reasonable; send your request to ecoli@genome.wisc.


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